Georg Worecki was born 1961 in Düsseldorf/Germany. After studying history of art & architecture, german language & literature, he was trained as a theatre director. Since 1999 he is working as a freelance photographer.

"To trace the immediacy of strangeness, the spell of otherness, to visualize the unexpected, is an act of deliverance from the noise of the daily grind. After all I make the naive attempt to project the secret of life onto a screen." 



Selected Exhibitions:




2019 Officine Fotografiche, Rome/Italy


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Malta Postal Museum, Valletta/Malta


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


2018 Airport, Trieste/Italy


         1650 Gallery, Los Angeles/USA


         Millepiani Coworking Gallery, Rome/Italy


         Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco/USA


         Kunsthalle, Lingen/Germany


         Grand Arsenal, Chania/Greece


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


2017 UNESCO Headquarters, Paris/France


         Austrian Culture Forum, Rome/Italy


         Palais des Nations, Geneva/Switzerland


         Airport, Trieste/Italy


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         A Smith Gallery, Johnson City/USA


         Spazio Tetenal, Rome/Italy


         Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction/USA


         Dom Literatury, Lodz/Poland


         Szomszéd, Budapest/Hungary


2016 Galerie d' Art du Château, Wiltz/Luxembourg


         Black Box Gallery, Portland/USA


         Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction/USA


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Pierwszy Lokal, Krakow/Poland


         Spazio Tetenal, Rome/Italy


2015 Airport, Trieste/Italy 


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Plano/USA 


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary 


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Richmond/USA


         Castro Bisztrò, Budapest/Hungary


         Galerie A Spiren, Strassen/Luxembourg


         Szomszéd, Budapest/Hungary


2014 Organisation of American States, Washington DC/USA 


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Galerie A Spiren, Strassen/Luxembourg


         Pepco Edison Place Gallery, Washington DC/USA


2013 Alchemia, Krakow/Poland 


         The Loft at Liz's Gallery, Los Angeles/USA 


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Richmond/USA


2012 June Fitzpatrick Gallery, Portland/USA 


         NorthPark Mall, Dallas/USA


         Texas State Capitol, Austin/USA


         Colorado State Capitol, Denver/USA 


         The National Press Club, Washington DC/USA


         The World Bank, Washington DC/USA


2011 Capital One Corporate Gallery, Richmond/USA


         Art Works, Richmond/USA


         Black Box Gallery, Portland/USA


         House of Sweden, Washington DC/USA


         Edison Place Gallery, Washington DC/USA


2010 Bürgerhaus Pullach, Munich/Germany


         Universitätsbibliothek, Magdeburg/Germany 


         Kröpeliner Tor, Rostock/Germany 


         Colors of Life, Richmond/USA


         Embassy of Guatemala, Washington DC/USA


2009 Zentralbibliothek, Bremen/Germany


         Rathaus Nippes, Cologne/Germany 


         World Trade Center, Dresden/Germany 


         Artspace Gallery, Richmond/USA 


         West Creek Town Center, Richmond/USA 


         Atelier Kkien, Milano/Italy


2008 Embassy of Italy, Washington DC/USA


         The Gallery Art & Design, Richmond/USA


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Glen Allen/USA 


         Goethe-Institut, Dresden/Germany 


         Wahlkreis, Berlin/Germany


2007 Gallery UU Congregation, Atlanta/USA 


         Volksbank Baden-Baden, Rastatt/Germany 


         Ver.di Rhein-Neckar, Heidelberg/Germany


         Kunstraum D21, Leipzig/Germany


         Unitarian Church, Atlanta/USA


2006 Centre de Culture, La Madelaine/France 


         Hangar 27 Warren G. Magnuson Park, Seattle/USA 


         Audubon Society, Atlanta/USA 


         Landesmuseum für Technik & Arbeit, Mannheim/Germany 


         Stairwell Gallery, Fort Smith/USA


2005 Kolbhalle, Cologne/Germany


         Teloy-Mühle, Meerbusch/Germany


         Haus der Lebenshilfe, Grevenbroich/Germany


2004 Schauspielhaus, Neuss/Germany


         Espace Malraux, La Madelaine/France


         World Trade Center, Dresden/Germany


2003 Schloss Neersen, Willich/Germany


         Schauspielhaus, Neuss/Germany


2002 Städtische Galerie, Kaarst/Germany


2001 Galerie Küppers, Neuss/Germany


2000 Galerie Küppers, Neuss/Germany



Awards & Publications:




2019 "Italian Street Photo Festival", Finalist, Rome/Italy


         "Fun Street Photographer", Finalist, London/UK


         "Endspiel", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "PhotoChronicles Street Photography Award", Winner, Paris/France


         "Feminine / Masculine", Honorable Mention, Budapest/Hungary


2018 "Malta International Photo Awards", Shortlisted, St. Julian's/Malta


         "International Street Photography Awards", 1st Place Analog, San Francisco/USA


         "Double Shot", Cologne/Germany


         "Streetview", Honorable Mention, Helsinki/Finland


         "Flowing City", Trieste/Italy


         "An der Stad", Eindhoven/Netherlands


2017 "Urban unveils the City and its secrets - Vol. 02", Trieste/Italy


         "MonoVisions Photography Awards", Honorable Mention, London/UK


         "Urban & Human Empathy - Vol. 01", Trieste/Italy


         "Anderswo", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "Chromatic Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK


2016 "Alfred Fried Photography Award", Shortlisted, Vienna/Austria


         "IPOTY Photography Awards", Honorable Mention, London/UK


         "Moscow International Foto Awards", Honorable Mentions, Moscow/Russia


         "Prix de la Photographie Paris", Honorable Mention, Paris/France


         "International Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, L.A./USA


         "Black & White International Award", Honorable Mention, Rome/Italy


         "ND Awards", Honorable Mention, London/UK


         "Tokyo International Foto Awards", Honorable Mention, Tokyo/Japan


2015 "Unexpected", Honorable Mention, Budapest/Hungary 


         "Fine Art Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK


         "ND Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK


2014 "Young Men, Big Dreams", Washington DC/USA


         "International Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, L.A./USA 


         "ND Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK 


2013 "International Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, L.A./USA 


         "International Fine Art Photography Award of Merit", Paris/France


2012 "Investing in Women & Girls", Washington DC/USA


         "Colors of Life" Honorable Mention Award, Washington DC/USA


2011 "Every Child Matters", Washington DC/USA


2010 "Visual Culture Award of Excellence", Charleston/USA 


         "Night Harbor", Richmond/USA 


         "A Dream in Color", Richmond/USA


2009 "100 Bilder des Jahres 2008", Berlin/Germany


         "Emotions, Dreams & Thoughts of Humanity", Richmond/USA


2008 "Colors of Life" Philanthropy, Richmond/USA 


         "Visual Culture Award of Excellence", Charleston/USA


2007 "Schnittmenge M" Award, Karlsruhe/Germany


2006 "Group Health" Award, Seattle/USA


2005 "Versa 5" Transformation, Cologne/Germany 


2004 "DIN A 0 am Niederrhein" Korschenbroich/Germany